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Welcome to the Department of New Mexico
Thank you for visiting the New Mexico Military Order of the Purple Heart Website. Here you will find various facts and information relating to the Military Order of the Purple Heart, USA, a Membership Organization, and the Purple Heart Service Organization. I invite our members to log into the Membership portal to look up contact information and Chapter and Department information. We are constantly looking for ways to improve so please be sure to drop us a line if you get a chance.

The Military Order of the Purple Heart is a community of combat wounded veterans. We’re proud to have served our country and serve yet today.

Our mission is to promote patriotism, service to all veterans, and service to our communities through our programs and support from our dedicated members.

Today, as in the past, one of the bonds that united members of The Order is that each has sustained a wound inflicted by an enemy in combat. We work to keep the history of General George Washington and America’s citizen soldiers from all wars. We help educate America’s citizens that freedom is not free.

For newly awarded Purple Heart Recipients, you might be making a transition from military to veteran status, and your Purple Heart Medal will give you access to many benefits and entitlements. Our National Service Program, comprised of dedicated National Service Officers and support staff, can provide you with:

Counseling on your benefits from a variety of government sources.

Assistance in filing claims for disability.

Assistance in entering the VA health care system.

We’re here to help you and our services cost you nothing. Don’t try to go at it alone. Let us help you and guide you. After all, we’ve been there too.

Yours in Patriotism,

Erik Hoskinson
Department Commander

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