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We are a great resource of dedicated Combat Wounded veterans who are ready, willing and able to assist you. The purpose of our website www.nmpurpleheart.org is to provide useful information to veterans and those who are dedicated to helping them.


Transition to civilian life after service can be challenging, and there are myriad of established programs and resources to assist veterans, but accessing them can be difficult.


• To assist veterans with navigating the myriad of VA and community resources
• To assist transitioning warriors with reintegration to civilian life
• Establishing peer-driven supportive relationships
• Locating and assisting them with jobs, internships, and career choices
• Guiding veterans in pursuit of educational goals
• Veteran advocacy to ensure access to critical health and education benefits
• Promote PTSD and TBI awareness, and contribute to the recovery process by providing mentor support

Veterans with traumatic combat experiences often feel more at ease discussing recovery prospects with other combat veterans and can seek advice from combat experienced mentors.

Mentors are not councilors, therapists, psychologists/psychiatrists; they are advocates and guides who receive training in the following areas:

• Mentoring
• Effective communication and boundary setting
• Suicide awareness and prevention
• PTSD and TBI awareness
• Peer support
• Veteran advocacy
• Guidelines to sharing constructive personal experiences

Mentors assist and advocate while aiding in navigating through and to resource channels, to include the VA, Department of Labor and community-based resources.

One of the great things about our valuable organization is that we have a mentoring program specifically tailored to assist returning OIF/OEF veterans. If you would like to learn more about the Mentoring Program in New Mexico and how we can assist you with your transition back from Combat, your point of contact is:

Pete Comstock
Cell Phone: 505-270-4689
Email: pjc26@mac.com

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