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Supporting Our Nation's Heroes

As a returning veteran transitioning into the next stage of your life, we here at the Department of New Mexico Military Order of the Purple Heart understand that you have plenty of questions. Our members, all war veterans themselves, help make this transition easy and stress-free.
In a combat situation, you form a special bond with the men around you, one based on trust and shared experience. When you leave that group, you should never feel that you are alone or unique in your struggles. We, as combat veterans, are here to help.

Throughout the year, the various chapters of our organization hold events and fundraisers to raise money and awareness. Take a moment to read a message from our commander about the goals of our organization as well as what you can look forward as a member.

About Us

Catering entirely to wounded veterans, the Department of New Mexico Military Order of the Purple Heart is a nonprofit veterans' organization based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our mission is to promote patriotism and to offer service to veterans and our communities through programs and support from our dedicated members.

Part of the oldest veterans' organization in the country, our department was founded in 1983 to meet the needs of combat veterans in our community. Today, as in the past, one of the bonds that unites our members is that each sustained a wound inflicted by an enemy in combat. We work to keep the history of General George Washington and America's citizen soldiers intact and help educate America's citizens that freedom is not free. Most importantly, we are proud to have served our country and are dedicated to serving it still today, so contact us today.

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