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 Membership Benefits

YOUR VOICE IN - The Military Order of the Purple Heart represents you in the Nation's Capitol. This means that the voice of the combat wounded is heard in Congress, at the Department of Defense and at the Veterans Administration. We are constantly alert to any legislation which affects our members. The MOPH works on your behalf!

PATRIOTISM – The Order takes great pride in the United States of America and all that for which she stands. We were called and we went in her service. We are proud to address each of our fellow members as a "Patriot."

PRIDE OF MEMBERSHIP - Your membership helps to keep alive the history and ideals for which you were awarded the Purple Heart from its original inception with General George Washington's to America ’s citizen soldiers of today.

FRATERNITY & FELLOWSHIP - The Order offers camaraderie and fellowship opportunities with friends, new and old, who share the common bond of combat for America .

LOCAL CHAPTERS - All members of The Order are automatically eligible to participate in the activities of local chapters of The Order. These chapters offer programs which meet the needs and interests of local members. Many members enjoy the pride of participating in community-based activities as members of The Order.

ANNUAL CONVENTION - Once each year the Military Order of the Purple Heart holds a National Convention for the purpose of renewing goals and ideas, voting and electing national officers. There is always a full roster of activities for members and their spouses. Between the official activities of the Convention, there is a time for relaxation and a chance to renew old friendships and to make new ones.

NATIONAL SERVICE OFFICER PROGRAM - The Order participates in the Veterans Administration National Service Officer Program which serves to assist America 's veterans. This program works to make certain that veterans of the United States Armed Forces and their dependents receive all to which they are entitled.

THE PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE - The official magazine of MOPH is issued six times a year for member’s enjoyment. Each issue brings a series of timely and well-written articles about some of the activities of The Order around the country. Members have written to say that they look forward to receiving The Purple Heart Magazine. The cost of your subscription is included in your modest dues payment.

SCHOLARSHIP - Members, their spouses and direct descendants (sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, etc…) are eligible to apply for college or trade school scholarships.

DISCOUNTS – Dell Computers, Long-term care insurance, Prescription drugs, pet medications.

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